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Discover Peace and Wellness


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Our products are made with CBD that has been derived from the Hemp plant, NOT marijuana.  Unlike many of our competitors in this industry, our products contain 0.0% of the psychoactive compound THC that is found in marijuana. No matter what product you select, you can trust that each of our USA-sourced products are crafted with care every step of the way.  

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Our Story

We are a mother and daughter team dedicated to leaving the world in better condition than when we entered it. In the midst of witnessing the devastating effects of the pandemic sweeping across our nation, we decided we wanted to make a positive difference and not sit idly by.  

After contemplating how we wanted to make a wide-spread difference with our next venture, my mother received a vision from God in her dreams about the healing properties of CBD. After receiving her divine vision, my mother and I created CBD by Opal Legacy.


Opal, my mother's birthstone, symbolizes purity, hope, truth, protection from disease, and prosperity. These are all ideals that we want our products to represent for our customers. Coupled with the motivation of us wanting to leave behind a legacy of helping people become the best possible version of themselves by incorporating the healing power of CBD into their daily lives, CBD by Opal Legacy was created. 

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Kevin, Engineer

These products have made a tremendous difference in my life. I feel so much more at peace with myself while going through the day to day at my stressful work environment. My personal favorites are the fizzy tablets and the CBD-infused lotion.

Patricia, Teacher

I was extremely worried about taking these products since I work in a classroom with children. I thought that I might fail a drug test or be judged. But since I found out that CBD by Opal Legacy contains 0.0% of THC (what's found in marijuana), I gave it a shot. I am so happy that I've incorporated CBD into my life and have no plans of turning back.  

Atlas, Photographer

Do yourself a favor, and grab some of these products! I have had chronic joint pain for years since I was a child. I've tried everything, and nothing works better for me than the oil tinctures and lotion that I've received from Opal Legacy.


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